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  • Sushi rice is traditionally Japanese short-grain rice and differs from other types of rice grains due to its sticky consistency
  • Used to make authentic sushi
  • Imported from Thailand
  • Short-grain or medium-grain rice is always the best type for sushi. Regular rice doesn't contain as much starch to help hold all of the sushi ingredients together. But, if you don't mind your sushi roll falling apart in your hands, then regular rice is fine to use
  • As mentioned, sticky rice is sticky because of its high starch levels. Sushi rice is also naturally sticky. Since primarily Japanese short-grain rice is used, the way sushi rice is made adds to its stickiness. The second reason these two types of rice are confused is that you can use them both for sushi

Japanese Sushi Rice

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  •  Rajma is high in protein and a good source of cholesterol-lowering fiber. It is made into a delicious dal, commonly eaten with steamed rice. These are an outstanding supply of folate, manganese and dietary fibre. It is a fine supply of protein, phosphorus, copper, thiamine (vitamin B1), iron, potassium and magnesium. These are low in fat & loaded with nutrients. 

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