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Empowering Indian Agriculture: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities with Connected Kisan. Our innovative Farming as a Service (FaaS) platform addresses low productivity, unscientific practices, and fragmented land holdings. Precision agriculture, powered by IoT and cloud technology, enhances crop management, reduces inputs, and ensures quality produce. From sowing to selling, our comprehensive solution bridges the gap between farmers and customers, revolutionizing the farming landscape. Join us in shaping a sustainable future for agriculture, unlocking potential and prosperity for farmers across India.

Our Values


"Our vision is to cultivate a future where farmers emerge as trailblazers in the agriculture industry. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, we aim to propel their operations towards heightened efficiency, productivity, and profitability"


"Empowering farmers for enhanced efficiency and profitability while nurturing the land's health, our mission drives sustainable growth and prosperity in agriculture"

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